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A Bit About Me


a professional multi-genre cellist in Austin, TX. Thanks for stopping by my Cellomoji website! I have several degrees in classical cello performance and have performed in many amazing concert venues all over the world. Cellomoji all started with a desire to learn how to play some fun tunes in the non-classical music genre. I still perform a lot of classical shows, but this helps me open up and learn beyond the strict box of classical music. There are other techniques that I am learning to use better as well. Just like different classical composers demand different techniques, diving into the world of non-classical music and its many genres really has challenged me to expand what I can do and really explore the possibilities of sound. This curiosity branched into using my electric cello and effects to make fun videos. When my tour days were on hiatus I realized that my electric cello was just sitting in the corner collecting some dust. I wanted to dive into the instrument and get to know it better, and to be able to play it better. When you factor in the use of pedals to add effects, well I knew that I wanted to become better at using all the equipment. I invested all this money to buy it, so I should know better how to use it!

I thought this would be a good place where I could share info, tips, and news about playing the cello and to connect with other cello lovers around the world. This includes playing cello that is used in all types of scenarios. So you will see things about playing cello in general as well as playing non-classical cello tips and music. I secretly wish that one day I might be able to play for Cirque du Soleil. I love their theatrics, their shows, and innovations of how they use performers as well as musicians.

I love all things cello and want to share with others who love it too! This site is for all levels of cello players to enjoy and hopefully you will be able to learn something too. Definitely reach out if you have any questions!

I have a Youtube channel where I will often post other videos:

I am very active on Instagram and it’s where you can see my latest covers:

I do teach lessons in the Austin area as well Skype lessons. If you are interested please contact me at

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