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Are you considering starting to learn the cello? There is SO MUCH stuff out there and plenty of opinions on what you “need” in order to get started on cello. I’m here to tell you: Keep.It.Simple. You don’t need fancy things or gadgets etc to get started. You really need a cello, a few tools, and motivation to keep going.

Ok so I am assuming you HAVE a cello. I highly recommend you DON’T get one from Amazon and opt for one from a music store. There are many great rent to own options offered as well!

  1. End Pin Stopper/ Rockstop: This is essential because you don’t want to put any holes in your floor or your carpet. There are many different ones out there of various brands, but this is the one that I use that I have had since childhood. It has lasted for many years and is so versatile!
  2. Tuner/ Metronome: This is so you can tune your cello as well as be able to practice rhythms and stay on beat! While you can get apps for these, this metronome will serve you well and is WELL worth the investment
  3. Music Stand: I’ve seen all sorts of creative ways of propping up the music, but trust me having a music stand is worth it. You can get a nice one that will fold up and be put away as well. Wondering if your music will stay up is the last thing you want to think about when starting cello.
  4. A good chair: Ok, so first I’d hunt around your house for a good chair. You need one that is not too low (your knees are not bent at 90 degrees or less) but one where your feet can be flat on the floor. Keep in mind you are sitting at the edge of the chair (not all the way back). If you really feel like you need a special cello chair check out this one.
  5. Rosin: You need this. Usually, it comes with renting/purchase of an instrument, but this is necessary to get your bow hair sticky enough to create sound off of your instrument. You don’t need the expensive one. This is my go to, but there are many cheaper options.
  6. Dots for fingers: Get some circle stickers about the size of your fingertips to place on your fingerboard so you can finger out 1st position. I would NOT recommend those massive stickers with lines that show every note. It is unnecessary and often inaccurate as well. You can even get these from the Target dollar section. I don’t like the line tapes either because those tend to shift as they wear away.
  7. Practice Mute: These days with more of us being at home a lot of the time it might be good to have this in case you need to be quieter while practicing. This is different than a regular mute because it is heavier and will often cover more of the bridge when you put it on. This is the one that I have.

These are just a few things to get started! Remember having a good teacher is also helpful! If you’d like to inquire about lessons with me be sure to email me!

Good luck starting this cello journey! Leave in the comments below if you have any questions!