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Do you ever get to a gig and think, “Oh man if only I had thought to bring one of those!”

It is getting to that season where gigs are abundant! I think it is essential that every musician have a few things on hand so that no matter where you happen to be gigging you are ready to go. This goes beyond the obvious of rosin, music, and all the basic gear you would normally need at a gig.

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Gig Chair

If you have your own chair you no longer have to rely on sitting on things that hurt your back or your bottom~or sometimes there not even being a chair for you to sit on. There are many options out there but this is one of the cheapest that I have found and is quite light and portable.

Music stand

A good music stand is your best friend. Aka you don’t want one of those flimsy wire ones. I know it is obvious that you should always have a stand on hand but you would be surprised how many cruddy ones I’ve had to use. You need a music stand that will hold up to all of those gigs you are about to do. This is one of the best: sturdy, yet foldable.


These will keep your arms/hands warm and prevent injuries from happening in the cold weather. The great thing is you can keep them on while you are playing. Great for any friends you have who get cold hands while typing too! There is a large variety of colors AND sizes.

Stand light

How many gigs have you been to where they dim the lights “for good ambiance” and then you can’t see your own music? Trust me having one of these in your bag will guarantee that no matter what lighting situation you are in you will be able to see your music.

Music Clips

Playing outdoors? Or just have those stubborn books that won’t stay open? These clips are essential! I like them because they can clip on to anything, not only the music stand. If you have a thick gig book you can just clip the page open. The acrylic top of the clip will make sure you can see everything on the page.

Water Bottle

Don’t be so sure that they will give you drinks at the venue. Yes, it can be considered a polite courtesy, but best to be prepared yourself. This company also has insulated mugs for those hot drinks, but I’ve found that this water bottle has been THE BEST when it comes to keeping my water cool even hours after I first filled it.

Portable Battery

One word: Selfies. Even in gigs you can do a bit of self-promotion via all your social media. However, you can’t do that if you don’t have enough battery on your phone because you forgot to charge it. Also, you might not be able to find your way to the gig if you can’t access your gps maps. Having enough battery on your phone and a backup charger is important

These are just a few items that I’ve found invaluable to have over the many years, and many gigs that I have done. Prime gig season can be rough, but with a few solid dependable comforts, you can be sure to have a great season.

Roundup of Supplies


Stand: Music stand

Wristies: Wristies

Water Bottle: This doesn’t need to be fancy. Just carry your own and save the environment!

Stand Light:Stand light

Music Clips: Music Clips

Portable Battery: Portable Battery