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Cellomoji Chats Episode 12: Check Your Instrument

At least once a year you want to be sure to check out some things on your instrument for good maintenance. Think of it as a yearly doctor checkup in a way. Most of the time you can take your instrument to the shop and it is an easy fix or replacement. Especially if you […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 10: How to Be a Better Sight-Reader of Music

#010 We made it to episode 10! Here I am talking about tips on how to become a better sight-reader. It can be so difficult because technically after reading a piece of music the 1st time, it is no longer sight-reading. Let me know if there are tips that you have that I don’t mention […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode #009: 7 Essential Tools to Start Cello

So you’ve decided to start to learn to play the cello. Great! Now what are the things you absolutely need to start? This can totally go down a giant whole of gadgets and things but I talk about the 7 absolute most important things you will need. The other stuff out there? It’s probably helpful, […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode #008 Check that thumb!

In this episode I’m chatting about the one thing I seem to be repeating A LOT in lessons lately. The left-hand thumb is SO important when it comes to having good and consistent intonation. If you have been finding that for some reason your extensions just are never in tune, or that your pinky is […]

Cellomoji Chats #007 When Is A Piece Done?

Let’s address the question that I’m sure you either hear or ask yourself all the time. When can I move on from this piece of music? To me the answer is rather black and white, but you should always be sure to choose your battles and words carefully when answering this question. Most importantly why […]

Cellomoji Chats: Episode 006 How Long Do I Practice For?

In this episode, I address the question I get a lot: How long do I practice for? This definitely varies based on the level you are at and the music you are trying to play. Ultimately make sure you are clear on what goals you are trying to achieve each time you sit down to […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 005: Suzuki VS Essential Elements

#005 Starting out on cello two very popular books are either the Suzuki Books or Essential Elements. Here I talk about the pros and cons of both. Hopefully, you also have a teacher to help guide you to your goals as well! I also have youtube videos that can help you regardless of which book […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 004: Mental Toughness

#004 I was inspired by an article by Strings magazine I read to talk about Mental Toughness. I don’t believe there is a one solution fits all, but I DO think we need to talk about it. Building mental toughness is something that we ALL have to go through. You don’t have to do it […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 002: 10 Most Common Cello Questions

In this episode I address 10 of the most common questions about the cello. It was so hard to just limit to 10! I’m sure there will be another down the road, but be sure to leave any other questions you may have in the comments. Links: Be sure to hit that […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 003: Having a Performance Routine

In this episode I’m talking about having a performance routine so you can feel more confident going into auditions and performances. It has taken me years to have mine and I will say it does change from each performance to the next! Everyone is different so you will have your own routine, but I’ve suggested […]