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Welcome to Cellomoji Chats! Episode 001

Hello Cello friends! This 2022 I’m finally diving into getting more conversational with everyone. Introducing Cellomoji Chats! This podcast is designed to help all of you on a cello or musical journey. I’ll keep chatting about tips and tools that can help as well as get to interview musicians and their advice on how to […]

Cellomoji Challenge 1

New year, new challenge right? Even as a professional cello player if I don’t keep challenging myself to improve or learn new things then my own playing gets stale, weak, and overall just “bleh” feeling. I may be late to the game, but I am super excited to have ordered a whole bunch of Cassia […]

New Year Goals

Happy New Year everyone! It is CRAZY to think how it is 2021 and we are off to start a new year! In a way nothing much has changed, but perhaps it is more our MINDSET has reset to start the year fresh. I have learned over the years to NOT set resolutions. In a […]

Last-Minute Gifts

Ok, so it’s about a week before Christmas. (whaa?!?!) And you may be wondering~ what can I get my music friend, child, spouse, partner, that will be a neato Christmas gift? Enter my KIT where I put lots of various things on there that would be awesome gifts. (Some are affiliate links which means that […]

🎶 Cellomoji Holiday Magic

Today’s the day! I’m opening up Cellomoji Holiday Magic for enrollment. This week until November 30th is the SPECIAL price of only $67. (The course will be released 12/7/2020) Go NOW to secure your spot! What you’ll get: PDFs and fingerings of all music step by step videos on how to play the music accompaniment […]

Black Friday: Cellomoji Holiday Magic

Hi Cello friends! So as I am compiling a list of all great Black Friday goodies you should take a look at I wanted to put my own Black Friday special out there! Get on the waitlist for my Cellomoji Holiday Magic course where I’ll be going over some holiday music greats on the cello! […]

Beginner Cello Essentials

Are you considering starting to learn the cello? There is SO MUCH stuff out there and plenty of opinions on what you “need” in order to get started on cello. I’m here to tell you: Keep.It.Simple. You don’t need fancy things or gadgets etc to get started. You really need a cello, a few tools, […]

Being on the Journey

Most of the time if you are planning a trip you will sort out the details: destination, transportation, packing, eating places, and the all important what TO DO when you get there. These days traveling seems very far from happening, but one can always plan ahead and perhaps put together a potential dream vacay? I’m […]

E Melodic Minor scale

So one of my viewers on my Youtube channel requested a tutorial to help her learn the e melodic minor scale. Without getting into too much nitty gritty about all the different minor scales (or modes if you want to get really technical about it) I show how to play the 2 octave melodic minor […]

To See the Light

Do you ever hear a song and you feel like you just connect to it? I’ve been a fan of the band Tim Be Told for awhile and they just came out with a new album called Love and Happiness: . This album has so many great songs but one that caught my ear(?) […]