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Cellomoji Chats Episode 004: Mental Toughness

#004 I was inspired by an article by Strings magazine I read to talk about Mental Toughness. I don't believe there is a one solution fits all, but I DO think we need to talk about it. Building mental toughness is something that we ALL have to go through. You don't have to do it alone. But you DO want to take steps to address it and try to build on it. This is meant to be an open conversation…

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Building Finger Strength with Putty

Using Putty for Strengthening Fingers I am NOT a licensed hand-therapist and you should always consult a professional before doing any strenuous or intense work on your hands. One of the most common problems for cello players starting out is finger strength. Cello students of all ages can always benefit from strengthening their fingers. Common problems can include not being able to get the string all the way down to the fingerboard. Another is that the finger will only bend…

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