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Cellomoji Chats Episode 12: Check Your Instrument

At least once a year you want to be sure to check out some things on your instrument for good maintenance. Think of it as a yearly doctor checkup in a way. Most of the time you can take your instrument to the shop and it is an easy fix or replacement. Especially if you […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode 10: How to Be a Better Sight-Reader of Music

#010 We made it to episode 10! Here I am talking about tips on how to become a better sight-reader. It can be so difficult because technically after reading a piece of music the 1st time, it is no longer sight-reading. Let me know if there are tips that you have that I don’t mention […]

Cellomoji Chats Episode #008 Check that thumb!

In this episode I’m chatting about the one thing I seem to be repeating A LOT in lessons lately. The left-hand thumb is SO important when it comes to having good and consistent intonation. If you have been finding that for some reason your extensions just are never in tune, or that your pinky is […]

Playing with Piano

Playing music with other people is often a fun project that lots of people love to do. Especially when you are learning your solo music, unless the piece is unaccompanied, it can often be far more satisfying to be collaborating with someone else. I chatted with my good friend, collaborator, and pianist Patryce King in […]

Scales in First Position that use FLATS

Scales are an essential part of learning any instrument! Even if you are a beginner you can learn some simple scales and really get to know your instrument well. A quick way to really know first position on the cello is to do some scales as well. Here I continue in this beginner scale series […]

Scales in First Position that use Sharps

As a teacher I always emphasize the importance of knowing your scales. Too often there is so much concern over learning the repertoire that a lot students only gloss over knowing anything about scales. Even beginner cello players can learn to play scales. Remember learning scales may be not as exciting as a song, but […]

#1 Cello Tip for the Left Hand

Having a good technical foundation will definitely help you when you are learning the cello! If there is one important foundational skill to remember about playing the cello it is to keep the thumb of your left hand under your middle finger AT ALL times. (Think “C” for cello, making a c shape with your […]

10 Spooky Sound Effects

Halloween is coming up fast this year! What is your favorite part about this holiday? For me, it is the candy (twix!)~ I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to enjoy most of the scary things of Halloween 🙂 . In this video, I talk about how to make some spooky sounds on the cello. Perhaps you […]

Practice Tips for Franchomme No 3

Are you learning the Franchomme Caprice No 3? (I refer to it as an etude, but I suppose the official term is caprice 🙂 ) My latest Youtube video covers all the tips you need to help you master this etude. This would be really helpful to those who are opting to take the All-Region or […]