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Slow Play Series

Super excited to announce my new series that will play on SUNDAYS. It is called Slow Play Sundays where I play through cello music slowly. The purpose is so that cello students trying to learn these songs can actually hear what is going on and also play alongside the video. Too often I hear that when students listen to recordings it is hard to follow along because they go by so fast. This video series is meant to help with…

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Prepping for Regions 2019

So if you are in TX you are probably preparing for All Regions auditions, and perhaps even All-State auditions as well. I put out a couple vids on how to prepare for the etudes that are used in these auditions. Now keep in mind that these etudes are challenging. They pick etudes to show different skill sets and see how you can do. Auditions can be tough. As far as I know here, the All Region audition consists of you…

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#1 Cello Tip for the Left Hand

Having a good technical foundation will definitely help you when you are learning the cello! If there is one important foundational skill to remember about playing the cello it is to keep the thumb of your left hand under your middle finger AT ALL times. (Think “C” for cello, making a c shape with your hand where the thumb is in the proper location.) This would also include if you are stretching, shifting, staying in closed position, and even if…

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