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Here is my newest video in the Cello 101 series! I cover the first position on the cello talking about all the notes on the d string.

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The technique I use to teach beginner cello players is one that I learned from Dr. Laurie Scott when I took her music education class. (Thanks Dr. Scott!) I use her book that she co-wrote with William Dick called Mastery for Strings

I highly recommend that all beginner cello students have a private teacher so that they can keep you on track for building a good foundation. They can also help set the stickers for the fingers so you are able to master first position easily. I do think it is important that you really know your notes in first position because it will really be a strong foundation for when you start moving OUT of first position. We want to establish first position as a “home base” for your hand.

If there are any questions, please leave them in the comments below! I would love to hear how this video helps you master first position and lets keep spreading #cellomoji all over the world!