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New year, new challenge right? Even as a professional cello player if I don’t keep challenging myself to improve or learn new things then my own playing gets stale, weak, and overall just “bleh” feeling. I may be late to the game, but I am super excited to have ordered a whole bunch of Cassia Harvey books. So I decided to create it into a challenge. That anyone can join me in.

This first book of Finger Exercises for the Cello is what I’ll be working through:

48 exercises in 48 days. I’ll be documenting the project through my Instagram in the highlight #challenge. I’ll update here, but if you want to see the daily progress I suggest you meet me over there.

I’d love for you to join me and if you do use the hashtag #cellomojichallenge1 . I’d love to highlight you and cheer you on! If you don’t do all the social media hullaballoo then just comment below and say “I’m in!!” and I’ll check in with you too.

Cello On people! Let’s all start growing together this 2021.

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