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Cellomoji Chats: Episode 006 How Long Do I Practice For?

In this episode, I address the question I get a lot: How long do I practice for? This definitely varies based on the level you are at and the music you are trying to play. Ultimately make sure you are clear on what goals you are trying to achieve each time you sit down to play. Are you in charge of a kid and making them practice? Then make it more into a challenge or a game. They will be more excited to dive in.

Things to think about when you are practicing:

  • How long is the piece
  • What are the hard sections
  • What is my goal
  • Am I doing everything my teacher asked for
  • What is my time or practicing and how many times can I get through the piece successfully.

Remember you are not trying to “get by” but trying to achieve your goals. Time sometimes is hard to define when you are doing this. Also, the hardest thing about practicing is GETTING STARTED. So do yourself and/or a child a favor and make it EASIER to dive into practice. We’ll talk more about this in a future episode!

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