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Let’s address the question that I’m sure you either hear or ask yourself all the time. When can I move on from this piece of music? To me the answer is rather black and white, but you should always be sure to choose your battles and words carefully when answering this question. Most importantly why are you so eager to leave the piece of music? Is it getting boring or stale? Is there a way to make it more fun? Perhaps you need to think about the piece differently. Did you set a clear goal on what you want to achieve with this piece?

Ask yourself or your teacher what it is you want to achieve and also ask are you PROUD of what you can present right now? If the answer is no then perhaps you need more time with it. Perhaps you need to mix it up so that practicing doesn’t get too stale. Having more than once piece of music to work on will keep it interesting, but then you will have to factor in how much practice time do you have. It is a bit of a balancing game!

Let me know if you have other thoughts or questions about this. I am curious to know when do you feel ready to move on?