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So one of my viewers on my Youtube channel requested a tutorial to help her learn the e melodic minor scale. Without getting into too much nitty gritty about all the different minor scales (or modes if you want to get really technical about it) I show how to play the 2 octave melodic minor scale in my latest video.

Melodic minor is a little tricky to learn because it is different going up than going down the scale. However, if you have the sheet music for scales, or if you are simply keeping track of the notes this will immensely help you learn the scale.

Keep in mind every teacher, and cello player will have a different set of fingerings to use for scales. I mainly go off of the Klengel fingerings for two octaves, but I also think it is more important to learn the NOTES and then can experiment with different fingerings later.

Do you have some questions about cello you’d like answered? Leave in the comments what I can help you with!