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Are you learning the Franchomme Caprice No 3? (I refer to it as an etude, but I suppose the official term is caprice šŸ™‚ ) My latest Youtube video covers all the tips you need to help you master this etude. This would be really helpful to those who are opting to take the All-RegionĀ or All-StateĀ audition since this is one of the etudes on the list. (The other one is Popper 16, which I also have a video on). If there are other questions that I haven’t addressed in this video, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

Also, consider hitting that subscribe button on Youtube with the bell so you will always be notified of new videos coming out. I’m trying to get into a regular groove of uploading videos. If there are questions that you have, or videos about topics you would like to see be sure to let me know!