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Do you ever hear a song and you feel like you just connect to it? I’ve been a fan of the band Tim Be Told for awhile and they just came out with a new album called Love and Happiness: . This album has so many great songs but one that caught my ear(?) is To See the Light.

It seems appropriate for the times, but perhaps it can also be an ode to the struggles in life, faith, and the general well-being of YOU.

I loved doing a cover video on it. Because it isn’t under the SMP umbrella (hopefully will be in the future! ) I can’t put out any sheet music for it, but I hope that you can enjoy Tim Be Told’s music and perhaps give it a go on your own cello.

I hope that this can give YOU some light on your journey. Times are tough but there will be a light.

PS here is a sneak peek into my new studio I’ll be getting to work out of in the future! Twinkle lights makes everything better…. 🙂